About us Tired Daters

Too many mornings the first thing we think of when we wake up is how long will it take us to get back into bed at night…to sleep.  Why didn’t someone tell us marriage and family and middle age would be so…tiring?

She is beautiful before the storm

We love each other, and our kids, and our dog Biscuit, and you for reading this (not really.  well, kinda.)

Atop Great Sand Dunes Dune (sounds redundant, but its not)

We are a School Psychologist and a Minister turned software salesman.

And we blog.  So far.

6 thoughts on “About us Tired Daters

  1. You surf the web long enough, you never know what you will find! Try to visit your hometown more often, we’d love to see you both (bring kids too). Miss you guys.

    Scott & Theresa (older Tired Daters)

  2. This is your 2013 riding companion. And, my bride and I are tired, too! Slept through Lincoln last night. $20 to take a nap in a public place. Now, that’s living. Ray J.

    • Ray Jay, you had me at “This is your”. Lovely mental image of you and the Missus catching Zzzz’s at the theater. I’m sure people were making fun of you. Thanks for reading. Are you still teaching young marrieds at the Meeting House?

  3. Hi! This is your Barber and Hair Specialist, you know…..Anita. Hahaha! I think this blog is so cool. Even for the unmarried. I hope you have a great year of dates. Can’t wait to read some more. Love the whole Fam!

    • hi Anita, this is Kevin’s balding head, the one you coif. Thanks for reading, and for coiffing. Sounds like I just said thanks for coughing with a boston accent. Love you.

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