12 dates in 12 months

Queen of Hearts... Aly outside the window at her parents restaurant, The Gamery, in Gainseville, Fl

This is not a test.  It is for real.  Alykev has decided to blog.  Actually, we have decided to date one another this year…at least twelve times, intentionally, with forethought, planned and executed.  One a month.

Some may read this and think, “oh no, they are having marriage problems and a counselor has told them to do this….why else would they do something so, well, corny?”

The answer: because the other option was walking from Greenville to Charleston, and Aly said that wasn’t happening on this side of Heaven.  So this was the next best option for Kev.

To Date.  And Blog.  Share everything about dating each other.  The bliss.  The bull.  And the bounty. (didn’t say “booty” but I could ’cause we’re married.)

7 thoughts on “12 dates in 12 months

  1. love the blog entries! …almost said “love the articles” – what an old geezer I am
    You two inspireme
    Love ya both,

  2. Kev, I guess this is really gonna mean we have to eat lunch at least once a month, huh. Even though we aren’t married.
    Seriously, it is an inspiring idea and I can’t wait to see how it works out.

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